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      Welcome to

       Annual Plants on Sale at lgary

      Add more vibrant colour to your yard

      Visit our Annuals talogue
       geranium Annual plants at greengate
       Pansy Annual plants at greengate
       Annual Osteospermum plants at greengate

        Trees & Shrubs at lgary

      Summer is the perfect time to be planting new trees and shrubs!

      We have the experts on staff to help you plant & grow outstanding trees with the besy information possible

       Trees & Shrubs at lgary
       Trees & Shrubs at lgary
       Trees & Shrubs at lgary

      We have a great selection of Bonsai plants in the greenhouse

      Put your creativity to work in creating your own Bonsai masterpiece. Just 20 snips away from Zen

      Bonsai trees & plants at greengate

      BBQ season is here and we have you covered

      rries several premium wood / pellet fired bbq brands including:

      Traeger & Big Green EGG, along with flavoured wood pellets and all the accessories to help you ascend to "BBQ Master" status.

      Traeger BBQ's at greengate

      Traeger BBQ's

      View Traeger talogue
      Traeger BBQ's at greengate

      BBQ Supplies

      View BBQ Supplies talogue
      Big Green Egg BBQ's at greengate

      Big Green Egg BBQ's

      View BGE talogue

       Perennial plants at greengate

      Perennials - Plants that give back some garden love every year

       mpenula perennial plants at greengate
       Hellebore perennial plants at greengate
       Chrysanthemum perennial plants at greengate
       Air plants at greengate

      For something a little more exotic, we have a great selection of Air Plants in the Greenhouse

      Know More - Grow More with our Garden Sense VIDEOS

      Variety is the key

      There are more types of plants to Bonsai than you think...

      Read more
      Tree Planting Tips Video

      Watch our Garden Sense video on planting trees

      Watch Video

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      (Greengate Orders via email request for pick up or delivery.)

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      Please review products via our product talogue pages and send your email request through the email form link below: